Vice Bar & Grill

2422 SE Hawthorne
Portland OR, 97214

About us

We are the newest coolest bar and we craft food and serve great drinks.


It all started a few years ago when Vase gathered all his friends for a party. Vase thought that it will be great to make some awesome food and prepare mixed drinks with summer tasting sangria.

The house party was a huge success and all his friends loved the delicious food and drinks he prepared. After few years in the famous restaurants and bars in Vegas, and around the country, Vase decided to share his love for great food and drinks and he decided to open the bar in the heart of Portland.

Now, Vice Bar & Grill is a favourite place for people to get great food and drink, as well as those with a sweet tooth and they gather every day for a tasty food, drinks dessert and coffee. The products used are all natural and Vice Bar & Grill feels like a party every day. Come for a bite or a dring whenever you need something for your soul.

Contact Us

Contact Us

2422 SE Hawthorne Blv
Portland OR, 97214
Tel: 503.327.8733